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Reignite your childhood again with these the latest sneakers from the Puma x Sesame Street collection. Yes, Bert and Ernie are back, along with well-loved characters like Cookie Monster and Elmo. And if they look familiar, that’s because they previously did a collaboration just for the kids, but this time around everyone gets a go, with sizes and styles for both men and women.

Making an appearance on two iconic Puma silhouettes, the Puma Basketand the Puma Suede, the former being dolled up with character-inspired graphics on a canvas upper (shown above), while the latter features Cookie Monster and Elmo’s googly eyes printed all over the suede sneakers.


Guaranteed to bring out the kid in you (especially when you reminiscent the days spent sitting in front of the telly and learning your ABCs), here’s the info on where to get this cute pair of shoes (or pairs of, because why stop at one, right?). Retailing at Limited Edition boutiques islandwide (think MBS, Peninsula Plaza and Queensway) at SGD160, it’s time to put down the cookie jar and make this your next to-go shoe.

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Dear Frances Spirit boots, $550, available for pre-order at Dear Frances.
Dear Frances Spirit boots, $550, available for pre-order at Dear Frances.

Prime ankle boot weather has arrived. The shoe style is really a yearly staple, but fall is its peak season and as such, I've been lusting after quite a few pairs — especially in velvet. The ones I can't get out of my mind at the moment are Dear Frances's Spirit boots in dark blue crushed velvet. 

My rational brain wonders if I will regret wearing such a delicate fabric on New York City's dirty, sticky, slushy streets. Will velvet feel outdated next year? Meanwhile, my irrational brain tells my rational brain to shut up and stop being such a killjoy. We talked about this, it says. Life is short and nothing is for certain except death and taxes. And it turns out that no one pays taxes anyway. Follow your bliss, continues my irrational brain, reminding my rational brain that control is an illusion and I can definitely make up the difference in my bank account by brown-bagging my lunch for the next 10 years. That's just the kind of math-based logic my rational brain needs to hear to get on board, forgetting for a moment that I will never, ever pre-pack a lunch. Excellent, says my irrational brain, place the order. If we're lucky the boots will arrive just in time for the fall foliage. And both brains agree these crushed velvet boots are perfect for crushing leaves on a crisp October day. 

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The New Snob Essentials Newsletter: Exclusive Discount for Snob Readers

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The New Snob Essentials Newsletter

Our Snob Essentials newsletter recently got a facelift, so if you’re not already on the list, we recommend you check it out now! The e-mail includes exclusive content you won’t find on the site, as well as a curated compilation of the week’s best stories.

Starting today, we’re also offering readers 20% off the Snob Essentials 10th anniversary collection with the code Snobby20. Peruse the sale now through the end of September (our Snobiversary month!), then for future deals and all the latest in fashion, sign up for the newsletter at the top left-hand corner of our homepage.

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1. I can definitely feel spring coming here in the Bay Area. I recently pulled out my much loved black Birkenstock Gizehs out for the first time in months – only to realize that they’re all stretched out! I guess pregnancy feet? I can’t live without these sandals, so another pair is already on its way, so that I can break them in as soon as possible.

In the meantime, what do you all think of these “Santa Fe” espadrilles, by Tory Burch?

Tory Burch, $195

I kind of love them, but am not fully sure if they are actually admiration worthy, or something I should be sent to preppy jail for instead. The fact that they feature both a cactus and a pepper is why I probably will end up owning these by the end of summer, regardless. What do you think?

2. An interesting piece on the current state of fashion week, and the fashion industry in general, via The Washington Post, The Fashion Industry….It’s Missing the Real Problem.


3. Well, while we’re talking about fashion week – I have another fashion piece! Whether the event is relevant still or not, I loved this review of New York Fashion Week, done by Cathy Horyn in graphic novel style. Her reviews are concise, interesting to read, and spot on – and even more fun in comic form.

4. Frequent fliers and road warriors may particularly enjoy this article, via The New Yorker – The Madness of Airline Elite Status.

5. This week I finished a great book – Half of a Yellow Sun, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I have to admit that I purchased this book awhile ago, and it’s been sitting on my Kindle for over a year. I kept thinking that I should read it, yet I kept getting distracted by books with plot descriptions like, “Bored housewife become serial killer”.

Half Yellow Sun

I finally started reading Half of a Yellow Sun earlier this week though, and realized that I should have read it much, much sooner. The novel tells the story of various characters during the Nigerian Civil War, all related to one another – a pair of sisters, a houseboy, an expatriate. I was immediately drawn into the story of the actual characters, which is compelling enough – however, I also really enjoyed learning more about Nigerian life, the Igbo people, and the devastation of the Nigerian/Biafran War. My favorite books are those I can’t put down because of the story, and where I come out having learned something new. This is one of those novels – highly recommended.

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Adidas Originals NMD R1 Whiteout-Blackout Pack

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Depending on what side of the fence you’re on, it’s going to be a big yay or a huge nay as far as these next interpretations of Adidas Originals’ limited edition NMD R1sneakers are concerned. Covered literally with words ‘The Brand With The Three Stripes‘ in English and various other languages, it will come in both black and white variations and according to END, will be released online on their e-commerce site on 8 July 2016.

My gut feel? It won’t be long before Adidas Singapore announces their availability locally, and it might also pop out at various speciality stores like Pedder on Scotts andSeek. No word yet on the price, so do stay tuned for more updates.

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Casual Cool Footwear from All Tomorrow’s Parties Debuts in Hong Kong

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atp_atelier_ss16_CARMEN+SOFIA_butterboom_hong kong

 All Tomorrow’s Parties (A.T.P.) is a footwear brand from Stockholm has just arrived in Hong Kong – more specifically, at 15 Square St, Tai Ping Shan.  The Stockholm brand was founded by Swedish entrepreneur Maj-La Pizzelli in 2010, who has three decades of designing under her belt and was seeking fashion that lasted, using quality craftsmanship to create pieces that are timeless both in style and wear. 


 The A.T.P shoes are designed in minimalist and elegant Scandinavian style using quality leather and handmade by experienced craftsmen in Otranto in Italy. With an attention to use ethical practise, the vegetable-dyed leathers used are sustainable.

We are big believers that our clothes and accessories should be well made, using quality materials made in design that is timeless and last beyond a fashion season and should be priced affordably and are thrilled to slowly discover more designers creating works that fit these criterions. 

atp_atelier_ss16_NATALIA+ASTRID_butterboom_hong kong

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